Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orchid Tree Bauhinia x blakeana

Bauhinia x blakeana 
 Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Hunghua Yangtijia)

I saw this in flower this morning and had to stop and take a photo .It is more striking than Bauhinia variegata as the flowers are a rich magenta purple. Sadly this specimen had been badly pruned from the base and was not in great shape . This is a sterile hybrid and does not set seed and is possibly a hybrid between B. variegata and B. purpurea. It is the floral emblem of Hong Kong and was discovered in 1908 and named after Sir Henry Blake, Governor of Hong Kong from 1898 to 1903.
2017 update: I have not been able to get this tree anywhere.


  1. Hi Ian, What are the pests of Bauhinia tree? Mine has what looks like borer or rot with bark cracked and coming away.

  2. Hi Peter, The trees can be susceptible to borer with some limbs dieing off but recover quickly if treated and suspect limbs removed.Get a tree borer kit if you see the tell-tale sawdust around the holes in the tree.
    cheers Ian