Monday, July 19, 2010

Grevillea 'Flamingo'

Grevillea x Flamingo (G 'Superb' x G 'Moonlight')

Grevillea Flamingo is just starting to flower and as the bright pink buds open, the weight of the nectar in the blooms draws them down so they resemble a Flamingo feeding.
When I think of Flamingos, I associate them with the Kensington Roof Gardens in central London at the old Derry and Tom's Department store in Kensington High Street. After Derry and Tom's closed, the Art Deco inspired fashion store Biba opened there in the mid 1970's and the Flamingo image was part of that "Golden Age of Hollywood", 1920's and 30's revival. Sadly it has also long gone but four Chilean Flamingos still reside in the 1.5 acre garden that is now owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Kensington Roof Garden Flamingo (Photo: Bryce Edwards)

My metal Flamingo is now rusting away in a corner of the garden

My concrete Flamingo needs a coat of paint.

Another famous Flamingo from Alice in Wonderland, a drawing by John Tenniel

The infamous 'trailer trash' Flamingo as portrayed by Divine in the John Waters movie.

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  1. Very interesting post.I have only seen the golden flowers of Gravellia.