Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Younger than Spring-time..

The Sweet peas are at their best this week though for some reason most of the ones I planted this year have turned out pink. So I will dedicate this bunch to David Sedaris who makes me laugh out loud whenever I read his books.
Anyone watching the Commonwealth Games in Delhi? Network Ten is giving great commentary and coverage but spectators in the stadiums seems to be a bit thin on the ground.
It is certainly not a "green games". The budget in India didn't stretch to giving the winning medalists a bouquet of flowers for their efforts and the potted plants used for background decoration are quite miserable in size. The abiding image for me is seeing Indian soldiers standing in empty garden beds outside one of the main venues.


  1. The soldiersare there to instill confidence in the players some of whom had voiced their concerns about security in India.

  2. Ian, I believe it is a security policy not to give bouquets because Rajiv Gandhi, one of our earlier Prime Ministers was assassinated by a bomb concealed in a bouquet.

  3. Thanks for your comments and explanation. It is a shame that the security has to be so tight as the participants are unable to see the real India.