Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angled Luffa, Luffa acutangula

60cm long fruit of the Angled Luffa

A friend of mine told me today that I should stop growing so many "trick" vegetables and stick to the tried and true Aussie ones. Bloody unlikely I say, though I don't mind a good Brussel Sprout! This is an Asian vegetable which I have grown for the first time this past summer. I used the fruit when they were quite small at about 10cm long. They have ten distinct equidistant ridges on their surface which when peeled off before cooking leaves a nice striped pattern. The flavour was mild and sweet and much like a zucchini so it is something I will save the seed of and grow again next spring. It is a climber which needs a trellis at least 2 metres high. Flowering and fruiting is triggered by the shorter days of late summer so February here is when you can expect a good crop. I didn't quite get the chance to take a photo of the flowers which were a unique incredibly bright milky yellow..... luminous is the word to describe them.
A few other names for it if you see it in an Asian market : sze gwa in China, petola-sagi in Malaysia and murop kai in Vietnam. Other common names include Silk Gourd or Ridged Gourd


  1. You can make nice fritters from the luffa slices- crisp on the outside, and soft and melting inside.

  2. The first time I grown angle luffa this summer and takes only 10 week to give us its first produce. Angle luffa like sponge absorb flavour very easily.

  3. well....
    Chinese love to stirfry it with ginger and wine.