Friday, March 18, 2011

Bees love Basil

Purple flowered perennial Basil

Rino's large leafed form of Lemon Basil

In the late afternoon, early evening the bees are still active on the Basil plants so there must be something particularly appealing about their flowers which keeps them out and about so late in the day. These two varieties of Basil have been the outstanding ones of the summer. The perennial purple basil has quite dark leaves and forms a neatly rounded shape to about 75cm high. It is the first time I have grown it and I am assuming it will go through winter ok.
I admired Rino's Lemon Basil early in summer as I had not seen this one before.The lemon basil I normally grow is a small neat plant about 20cm tall with quite narrow leaves. I am hoping to get some seed of this larger one for planting next summer.


  1. Large Lemon basil is really attractive! Who obteined this cultivar=? I' d like to have more information! Thanks from Italy!

  2. Rino got the seed from Italy and has been growing it for many years. Am not sure of the company but will try and find out.