Monday, March 14, 2011

Indian Myna Bird eradication

Indian Myna Bird

A blogger from Melbourne recently lamented the declining native bird population in her garden and laid blame partly on the destructive and pesky Myna birds whose population has swelled in recent years. I couldn't agree with her more though there are plenty of active native birds here such as the huge flocks of rainbow parrots which go screaming overhead on a regular basis or fall about drunk after too much nectar from the Queensland Umbrella trees which are currently in flower.
 Myna birds tend to avoid gardens where there is not much lawn or ones with densely planted shrubs. They like to dodge the traffic on the road or hop about on suburban roofs or gutters. Their call is always so harsh and nasty and they are certainly not afraid of anything or anyone.The local paper here has started to promote ways of getting rid this pest. The men's social group 'Men's Shed' has started making wooden trap boxes for residents who want to capture the birds and dispose of them humanely..

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