Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brownea macrophylla

Brownea macrophylla in flower now
(All photos courtesy B. Maslen)

It is always amazing to see flowers which emerge from a tree trunk. It seems to be a characteristic of tropical trees, perhaps as a way of ensuring pollination from ground dwelling animals or low flying insects which are unable to navigate to the tall rainforest canopy. Brownea species are from Venezuela and Colombia and have been introduced to other wet tropical regions of the world adding exceptional ornamental value to parks and gardens.
2017 update: I do not grow this tree.

Emerging new foliage hanging like a handkerchief
Brownea macrophylla growing amongst palm trees in Far North Queensland


  1. I have never seen this tree. It is beautiful!

  2. Such a complex looking flower, as well as beautiful. I guess it guards against anyone picking them too.