Saturday, October 8, 2011

Phlomis fruticosa, Jerusalem sage

Phlomis fruticosa Jerusalem sage

Here is a new word for you: verticillate. It refers to the way flowers are grouped in whorls along the stems such as how they appear in this Phlomis. This is a real seaside plant from the Mediterranean. The tough furry leaves are able to withstand salt wind and the supple stems are able to bend down in the strongest gales without breaking. This species has been a popular garden plant for a number of years particularly during the recent drought years. It grows to about a metre high and across and is best pruned after flowering to maintain a good shape. Other species of Phlomis, which are not as readily available here, have pink or white flowers and are worth seeking out if you are looking for tough reliable garden plants which are long flowering.
2017 update: I have stock available from time to time.

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