Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vriesea phillipo-coburgii, Vagabond plant

Vriesea phillipo-coburgii

Every September I go to the local Bromeliad Society show and usually come away with a few new plants to try. Often I will buy the same one from the previous year without releasing it. Such was the case with this species. I think I was attracted to the clean lines and lovely apple green foliage. This species is actually a sun hardy variety and will turn lime green or acid yellow depending on how much sun it is given. I like the common name of "vagabond" plant because it sounds like a character from a movie starring Johnny Depp. I think the name refers to the way it behaves in its native South East Brazil where it takes advantage of host trees and hitches a ride to whatever plant comes along. I find it a bit slow to increase and though the plant I bought last year is now at least 30 cm across, it is only now sending out a few new pups which will grow to be new plants. I might just try one in the sun to watch the colour change. Sun hardy Bromeliads are best moved to higher light positions during the cooler months of spring so they can adapt to the changing sun intensity without burning the leaves when summer arrives.

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