Saturday, September 8, 2012

Suddenly it's Spring

Alto sax player Phil Woods blowing a gale with a vase of Freesias
 Phil Woods recorded a track called Suddenly it's Spring in 1956 for the album Pairing Off. He blew the kind of sound I like to hear, not like what is happening outside at the moment with the wind howling through the trees gathering speed as it goes from the mountains and on out to sea. There has been nothing nice about the weather of the last week. The ground is littered with blossoms which have been torn off or shredded. The air is dry and gritty, hot one day, freezing the next. Flowers which normally bloom for a few weeks are all over in flash. I picked the last of the Freesias today. Feel like giving up on gardening? Yes...
However artist Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) seemed to be conveying the same message in 1449 when he painted La Nascita di Venere .The sea is whipped up, flowers are flying through the air, and the assistant to the central Venus is having a hard time trying to cover her nakedness with the flowing garment. Thankfully she had such long hair to cover herself.



  1. Ian,

    Having gone through our own high wind event earlier this summer I understand what you are feeling. However, I can not begin to imagine a week of sustained high winds. Hoping your loss is minimum and the wind subsides shortly. Take care. – gary

  2. Ian love your interpretations...Keep safe in this dreadful weather, I think the south coast got it worse than Sydney.
    Freesias have to be my favourite bulb because of the divine fragrance. Jonquil's on other hand I can't stand...because of their fragrance.

  3. Thanks Gary and Sweetpea for your comments.Lots of other people have trees blown down on their houses so i count myself lucky that not too much damage was done.