Monday, September 10, 2012

Wisteria as standard

 In one of the wide treeless streets of my neighbourhood someone has planted a wisteria which has been trained as a standard. This is quite a good option for growing this climber given its reputation for damaging roots and habit of getting away and climbing twenty metres or more up the nearest structure. This one has developed quite a thick trunk already and is even sprouting a few of the pendulous raceme flowers along its length. It has broken the white concrete circular edging around its base but as it is a lawn specimen any sucker growth or side shoots would be cut down as soon as they emerge. No doubt it requires a bit of work to keep it looking good with regular pruning of the new stems which sprout once the flowers are finished. Wisterias used to flower in October which is when spring really got going and now it is not uncommon to see them in bloom from late August.

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  1. Great minds indeed Ian. A great way to grow it though. :)