Sunday, June 16, 2013

Haemanthus albiflos - Paintbrush Lily

Paintbrush Lily flower with mini rose 'Orange Honey'
Don't look too closely to this photo as there are aphids crawling around both flowers. They came with the rose of course as it has not been cold enough to kill them off.
What I like about the paintbrush lily flower is the tulip shaped green calyx which holds the mass of white brush like stamens. The leaves of the plant are an attractive feature as well as they look like furry dark green tongues from which the the flower stem emerges.
 This bulb is often accompanied with the words "thrives on neglect' and is also included with cacti and succulents as it has the South African background to tie it in with that group of plants. The wikipedia link below gives more information as to its growing conditions etc.
This post is more about getting the information out there that I have plants of it for sale.
It remains a fairly non commercial plant however and is marketed more as a "curiosity" or a collectable plant, making an interesting addition to groups of plants for low light indoors or shady balconies. It will take some sun but the leaves may burn in strong sun. My trays of it are grown in small pots so it doesn't mind being cramped  and they are kept under a bench.
Haemanthus albiflos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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