Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pelargonium graveolens 'Lady Plymouth'

 Pelargonium gravelons 'Lady Plymouth'
This scented leaf Geranium has been around since 1800. I like the marbled finely cut grey green leaves with their cream edge and the strong scent of rose overlayed with peppermint given off from these coarsely textured leaves . Another great plant for a mixed container combined with darker coloured flowers or foliage as it tough and forgiving if you forget to water the pot. Like a lot of Geraniums/Pelargoniums it does get a bit 'leggy' by shedding lower leaves and leaving a bare stem. Often the leaves will hang there and need a bit of assistance in pulling them off. This is a good time to take cuttings from the semi mature brown wood and pieces strike readily at any time of year in mild climates. Otherwise to maintain a compact plant it is worth pinching out the tips to make it more bushy. If left unpruned it is usually reaches a height of around 1 metre.
 This Australian book on the group is worth seeking out as it contains concise and well presented information. It was published by Kangaroo Press in 1991. (Ah those pre-Internet days!) It contains fine line drawings by Jane Stapleford
A selection of scented geranium leaves drawn by Jane Stapleford from the book.

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