Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kalanchoe longiflora var. coccinea

 Flower detail
Kalanchoe longiflora var. coccinea
This succulent comes into its own over winter when the scalloped leaves turn brilliant red and the plant sends up a metre long stem bearing sprays of tiny yellow flowers. The flowers seem strangely detached from the plant below as they wave in the breeze. The stem being quite thin so the flowers almost float above on their own.
This Kalanchoe is not usually available as a commercial succulent plant. It is just too awkward and gawky looking to sit well in a pot amongst pretty and neat rosette types. It is one of those plants which makes an appearance at school fetes and market stalls, though during summer, it is a bronzey green colour and it is not really spectacular. A good filler in a garden of mixed succulents is its appeal and on grey winter days it shines.

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