Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kalanchoe orgyalis

 Kalanchoe orgyalis
This Kalanchoe has been on the nursery scene for quite a few years but it is only a recent discovery for me. It's a fashion thing, as I have fallen for the brown suede leaves. Magnolia 'Little Gem' has a similar appeal, though the suede is on the reverse of the leaf below the glossy green.
I shall no doubt propagate from this plant eventually and am looking forward to it reaching to the expected height of 2 metres. Apparently the specific species name is derived from the Greek system of measurement, the 'Orgya', meaning six feet (2 metres) or one fathom. The fathom being usually a measurement in water. Hence, the expression 'hard to fathom' alludes to something being too deep to understand. (or in modern lingo W.T.F)
Clint Eastwood, 'Il buono'
How to look cool wearing brown suede

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