Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Echeveria weekend

 Echeveria 'Morning Light' or 'Pinky' ?
This is a wonderful large 20cm 'dinner plate' sized variety which remains low to the ground producing 'pups' or offsets only after a long growth season. It is hardy and has few pest or disease problems.
 The definitive Australian reference to Echeverias
published by Schulz Publishing
Box 40 Teesdale Victoria 3328
In which the authors warn against using an incorrect cultivar name or using an excuse such as 'a bird pulled the tag out' or 'the cat ate my homework'. 
I used to be a collector and bigger grower of these delightful succulents and now grow only a few tried and true. This weekend I pulled apart and took cuttings from the ones which were looking worse for wear. I usually place them into nursery trays of ordinary potting mix where they are quite happy to grow on for several months.

 Another unnamed Echeveria or possibly even a xGraptoveria
How to tell apart? Echeveria flowers are tubular and bell like and Graptoveria flowers are star like and open centred.

 A few offsets ready for placing in a tray.
A tray of mixed varieties after several months.

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