Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Vireya Rhododendrons

 Lovely mango coloured Vireya
Vireya Rhododendrons can be guaranteed to produce flowers for most of the year and their appeal is the range of sorbet flower colours and variation in size of flower. The Illawarra Rhododendron Garden has many beds devoted to them. I have included information about growing them in an earlier post but to reiterate, they need to grow in very open friable well drained soil, almost like an orchid soil mix with lots of bark. Their natural habit is to grow as a very open straggly shrub so don't expect any compact growth from them. Otherwise they are very hardy and only occasionally get a few problems from spider mite which shows up as silvery leaves. Plants hit the garden centres and nurseries in mid summer when they are putting on all their new leaf growth.

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