Saturday, October 11, 2014

Calibanus hookeri, Mexican Boulder

 Calibanus hookeri (Asparagaceae)
This scruffy, wiry stemmed clump of leaves emerge from a round 'boulder' like base at ground level. The base is covered in rough corky bark, hence the common name. Clipped Buxus it ain't, so a plant as untidy looking as this may not have huge appeal. However the leaves have a pleasing blue grey appearance and the plant seldom needs extra water to keep it looking healthy. The leaves can be trimmed back to expose the boulder or caudex base and this may eventually reach 30cm across. I am still waiting for the appearance of flowers which are said to be tiny and white and are carried on a rigidly stiff panicle 10 to 20cm long. Flowers means seed so I may eventually have some plants for sale.

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