Sunday, October 26, 2014

Senecio radicans

 Senecio radicans (Asteraceae)
'String of Bananas'
  I am growing this popular succulent for use in vertical gardens and this specimen has already grown down 1.5 metres, with little red spur-like roots protruding from the stems along the way which are obviously in search of a some soil.
 There are two forms of this succulent ground-cover from South Africa ,one with grey leaves (glauca) and a plain green form. Leaf form can also vary from banana or fish-hook shape to globe shaped. Tiny shaving-brush like flowers appeared a month or so ago and these were attended by some beneficial insects which is a bonus when you are growing any plant these days.In cool climates this plant is grown indoors and it adapts well to shady or low light conditions.
2017 update: I no longer grow this succulent. 

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