Thursday, October 9, 2014

National Hat-Day

 The 'Piping Hot' straw
October 10th is National Hat Day and is an initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues affecting one in four Australians.
The word hat originates from the Old English word haett which is linked to the Norse for 'hood' or 'cowl'.
A hat which has a dark colour under the brim, such as my favourite straw, will absorb a little more reflected UV light. A brim width of 80mm protects neck, chin, ears and face.

 A chin strap is essential if you don't want it too blow away in the slightest breeze. Rain or water is the enemy of the straw, though in general, a shelf life of a few years is the best you can hope for.Great for the garden or beach.
 The SPF50 Legionnaire
Practical, machine  washable but very daggy looking so best as work-wear or for fishing not really street-wear.

 The Akubra
Australian classic with iconic status but not for city slickers.
 The Drizabone Sou'wester
Wet weather oil-skin essential with ear protection and chin strap.


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