Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Antigonon leptopus,Coral Vine

Antigonon leptopus
 Coral Vine from Mexico and Central America
Looking through old Nursery catalogues is always interesting to see what was offered for sale in days gone by. This climber appears in the 1933 list of Anderson & Co Ltd whose retail establishment was at 399-401 George St. in central Sydney. I have yet to see it growing in any gardens locally though it is still common further north and in Brisbane. It is quite a rampant climber over summer and is continually in flower with bright pink pendant racemes.It climbs by means of forked tendrils on stems and flower clusters which jump onto any nearby tree or whatever happens to be in its path. One garden writer who sees this as a charming habit says that the 'sight of the flowers at the top of large trees is an enchanting phenomenon in the landscape'. I couldn't agree more but few are brave enough to allow climbers to romp with gay abandon.
It will tolerate light frost and can be cut back quite hard if desired after flowering as new growth after winter is rapid.It is otherwise fairly drought hardy and not particular as to soil type.
2017 update: I still grow it and propagate on request.

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