Saturday, March 7, 2009

Epidendrum ibaguense Crucifix Orchid

Epidendrum ibaguense, Crucifix Orchid
It is easy to forget that this hardy tough garden plant belongs to the Orchid Family. In recent years with the increased interest in low water use garden plants, they have made a bit of a comeback. They can be included in gardens which have succulents, native plants or where there are shallow soils or rock outcrops. I like the colour range in the flowers which can be from orange to red ,mauve ,butter yellow ,peach and pale pink. Because it has the tendency to produce young plantlets or "arials"on the stem complete with roots ,it is the sort of plant which you can propagate readily or give away to friends. The flowers are produced continually throughout the year and make good cut flowers. The orange flowering variety invariably makes its way into autumn themed arrangements at this time of year. Below the red flowering Crucifix Orchid growing behind "Blue Chalk Sticks" Senecio serpens.

An autumn flower arrangement with Crucifix Orchids,Golden Spider Lily,Yellow Paper Daises and foliage of Nandina domestica and Comprosma.
2017 update: I have sold many over the years but it is tricky finding suitable pieces to send by post as growth tends to produce long stem pieces which don't fit in any post bags. Some such as the white flowering form are very slow to increase and produce few offsets. Inquires welcome.

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