Monday, March 2, 2009

Brilliantasia subulugurica

Brilliantasia subulugurica
This shade loving shrub from Zimbabwe is only just starting to get more well known as a decorative garden specimen .It grows to about 2 metres and and has large heart shaped leaves which clasp curious square stems that are swollen at the nodes The blue hooded flowers form in terminal clusters and weigh down the branches giving it a fairly open habit of growth, though judicious pruning at any time of year will make it more compact. .It is long flowering from late summer well into autumn and is good for those shady narrow sites between buildings. It responds well to heavy pruning and can be cut almost to ground level after flowering. It is tolerant of poor sandy soils and has low water requirements.
2017 update: I no longer grow it but it is around in various gardens. I found it impossible to look good in a nursery pot.


  1. Agreed, it doesn't look to great in a pot, but holy-moly, once it gets going in the garden it takes off like mad. A great shade-loving plant for the back of the border, and with quite dramatic color.

    1. Yes great colour but the wind knocks it over and the leaves get shredded. And those bulby jointed stems just look weird. I am over it !