Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cleistocactus winteri ,Golden Rat Tail Cactus

The Golden Rat Tail Cactus from Bolivia
Cleistocactus winteri syn Hildewinterera aureispina

 Cleistocactus winteri. is one of those easily grown cactus which needs to be in an elevated position or hanging basket to view it at its best.
It forms a mass of sprawling stems which are covered in a close network of golden coloured spines .This makes it a bit tricky to pick up and move about so you need to wear a bit of protective gear when doing so. Stem pieces which break off can be allowed to dry off and when placed in a sandy soil mix make rapid growth .It is an easy plant to grow.and best kept on the dry side over winter.
2017 update: I don't have any plants of it available for sale.

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