Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hibiscus mutablis, Rose of Sharon

Hibiscus mutablis 
 Rose of Sharon
This is the peak flowering time for this 3 metre shrub which is native to southern China, Taiwan and Japan. It is not grown as much anymore but is seen in old gardens and as a garden escape, naturalized along freeways and in waste places. It is always noticeable as the flowers are both white and pink on the one bush. The name mutabilis means changeable, as the flowers open white in the morning and fade to pink as the day progresses. In Japan this Hibiscus is known as Fuyo symbolising a fascinating but fickle woman. In China this flushing of the flowers gives it the charming name of 'Drunken Hibiscus' Zuijiufurong. Because it is a very hardy shrub, it is also given the name of 'Resisting Frost Flower' Jushuanghua. It has long been cultivated in Europe and is recorded as having been grown in Rome in the early 17th century.
2017 update: I currently don't have any stock of this.

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  1. how nice! the flower seems some hibiscus mixed with wild roses, but the leaf looks like some kind of vine. a lot different from the ones i have!