Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ocimum sanctum, Babui Tulsi

This basil which is called scared basil or holy basil is the only variety which is tolerant of cold weather/frost and continues to flower well into winter.The hairy leaves have a fragrance of cloves, cinnamon and camphor ,while the flowers have a pink or purple tinge and are much loved by bees. Masses of seeds are produced which when shed stick to the leaves below and eventually blow away from the parent plant and germinate the following summer. It is a great bee plant and when flowers are in short supply during the cold months this plant is very popular. Ocimum sanctum syn.Ocimum tenuiflorum is called babui tulsi in Hindi .In India,this basil plant is sacred to both Krishna and Vishnu and is cherished in every house as the protecting spirit of the family. Every good Hindu goes to his rest with a basil leaf on his breast. This is his passport to Paradise.There is a very small link here to mention the great soundtrack album from.....

In Australia to promote this single from Slumdog Millionare are the fabulous PussyCat Dolls
The opening sequence of the song has a clever use of Mozart's Symphony #40 in G minor

PussyCat Dolls in 2005

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