Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dracaena draco, Dragon tree

Dracaena draco
 Dragon Tree
This tree from the Canary Islands has become a popular landscape plant in recent years because of its dramatic shape and form as well as its qualities of drought tolerance and general hardiness. Mature specimens are able to be dug up and moved to provide instant impact in the gardens of new building projects. Usually they grow to about 10-15 metres in height and have a flat topped umbrella shaped crown.Some specimens grow with a strange lean to one side and look as if they are about to topple over. The lanceolate foliage tends to be blue grey in colour, and curved and fountain like when young becoming more upright with age.The leaf bases have a distinctive orange colour as well. Bronze coloured fruit are produced in great abundance and these are attractive to birds . As a result, seedling trees often appear unexpectedly in gardens a great distance from the parent plant. The common name of Dragon Blood Tree was given to it because of its bright orange-red sap . This has a most distinguished use however as a varnish for Stradivarius violins giving the instrument its magnificent amber glow.
2017 update: I have limited stock available in 200mm pots.

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