Monday, July 6, 2009

Iboza riparia syn Moschosma riparia 'Nutmeg Bush'

Iboza riparia syn Moschosma riparia
This shrub sometimes goes by the name of Nutmeg Bush because it belongs to the Mint family and has very aromatic foliage. When you brush against the leaves, a musky or spicy aroma is released. The flowers which smother the bush at this time of year are a lovely smokey mauve colour.  Iboza is a South African shrub and grows to about 1.5 metres tall. Cuttings grow easily when taken in Spring.
2017 update: I am currently out of stock


  1. It would be better if botanical name(s)and family name to which they belong, are also givien alongwith common names.

  2. We have a white variety of Iboza riparia growing in our dry tropical garden. Cuttings strike easily, and not only the flowers, but the entire plant emits clouds of spicy fragrance in the midday sun that waver through the garden, creating a feeling of the Karoo or the Mediterranean. Blue-banded bees love them dealy.

    1. That is a wonderful description. I think I might have to propagate a batch again. I get very few requests for it however. Another forgotten exotic shrub.