Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pine Leaf Geebung, Persoonia pinifolia

Persoonia pinifolia 
 Pine Leaf Geebung
This is a 3 metre shrub which is found growing around Sydney on sandy soils. Unfortunately it is not commonly grown in gardens because of the difficulty in propagation whether from seed or cuttings. Even if established in a garden it may succumb to one of the root rot fungus diseases which causes some native plants to drop dead overnight. This shrub has incredibly soft foliage and attractive yellow flowers which appear as dense racemes at the end of branches from March to May. The fruits which follow take the form of an oval fleshy berry-like drupe which have the old style attached, shown here as a sharp point at the end . The name geebung is from the aboriginal word jibbong. In South Australia and Western Australia, the genus Persoonia are given the common name of snottygobbles! What a name.

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