Monday, July 20, 2009

The Geraldton Wax, Chamaelaucium uncinatum

Chamaelaucium uncinatum
 Geraldton Wax
Native to the coastal sands of the Irwin district of Western Australia, this shrub has been in cultivation for a long time and is well known in the cut flower trade both here and overseas. It is a fine leafed shrub with an open habit which grows to about 2 metres. Flowers vary in colour from white to all shades of pink.It has the reputation for being a bit difficult to grow in the garden as it requires a well drained but moist soil and a climate of low summer humidity. Because its growth habit tends to be sparse, it is best planted in groups of 5 or more and kept well pruned after it has finished flowering. It is a great shrub for seaside gardens and the flowers release a honey fragrance in the warm days of late winter and early spring.

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  1. Lovely pictures. Wax flower is very common to us in the florist industry and in fact its one of my favorite filler flowers. Never really knew where it grew. The black coral peas in the post before this one are quite striking too. I live in the south where magnolias are quite common. Thanks for the nice pictures!