Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rose HT 'Stainless Steel'

Rose, Hybrid Tea 'Stainless Steel' 1991
The early nineties are being revived in the fashion and music world and I wonder if that means gardeners will embrace the pastel flower again? For some it never went away.
Give me iridescent brights, variegated and burgundy coloured foliage any day.
 This rose is a great example of the barely there colour of mauve though it comes across here looking like a faded grey.
For something refined in stainless steel, I like this Alessi rose bowl from Italy designed by jewellery designer Emma Silvestris.


  1. The rose, 'Stainless Steel' is not my cup of tea; give me the *Alessi* rose bowl anyday!

  2. Pastel shades are so calming for the mind and spirit.But tropical colours are so too bright and vivid. I would like to grow some pastel coloured flowers. The rose bowl is utterly beautiful!

  3. Oh wow! This post is proof that simple is best. The off-white rose with an elegant stainless steel bowl-just beautiful.

  4. I suspect a photo doesn't do the colour justice. I would rather have the subtle colours than the in your face ones.

  5. Im not a big rose fan but I love the pastel roses, they look kind of olde worlde!