Friday, December 11, 2009

First Figs

Small and sweet ,'White Adriatic' Figs
Never before have figs been ripe so early in Summer. Usually you have to wait until mid January before the first figs are ready for picking. It is not only here where fruit trees are growing out of character, perhaps because of climate change. I read a blog post recently from Portugal where the figs were producing fruit in the beginning of their winter.
What I like to do with figs is slice them in half and put brown sugar in the centre and then grill them until the sugar turns to caramel. I serve them with a big dollop of Greek style yogurt.


  1. Look so luscious. My figs have not yet started. I have noted down your yummy recipe.

  2. I like figs fresh from the tree, ripe and luscious.

  3. Ian, there is nothing like a "just picked ripe" fig. And your method of cooking them is spectacular, easy and delicious. Enjoy the fruits of your garden...