Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Festive Flowers

Red roses, variegated Holly and buff coloured Alstromeria

As a centrepiece to a buffet table, this low arrangement is long lasting and should remain fresh for a week or more.The roses could be replaced with berries or bunches of cherries. Holly berries may be available from a specialist florist imported from the Northern Hemisphere.

A pyramid of tall grassy leaves with some hidden bejeweled flowers could be used as an alternative to a Christmas tree where space is limited. Fairy lights could be woven amongst the leaves as well for a sparkling effect.

A red and yellow combination for those who are spending the holidays at a beach house. A few red and yellow flags could be added to remind everyone to bathe between the flags this summer and learn to 'read' the surf.
An Aloe arborescens or Candelabra Aloe lacquered red with some dried palm flowers is a more avant- garde approach to an arrangement but is very sculptural, decorative and long lasting.

A smart and simple arrangement of red roses and grassy reeds to welcome guests as they come through the front door

1 comment:

  1. Ian, all of these arrangements would be wonderful in any home. I especially like the Red roses, variegated Holly and buff coloured Alstromeria centerpiece ~ it has Merry Christmas written all over its beauty.

    Many thanks for presenting this array of floral cheer!