Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zucchini 'Green Globe'

Zucchini 'Green Globe' fruit and flowers

This is a new variety of zucchini I have grown for the first time. It is best picked small like the long types, when the skin has a nice gloss to it . It has a very good flavour and it will definitely be a type I will grow again. The big bright flowers really make you feel happy that summer is in full swing and the longest day is not far off.


  1. Ian... interesting shape. I guess one could hollow out some of the flesh and stuff them like you do tomatoes, acorn squash etc...

    The flower looks like a 'sun star' ~ very brilliant indeed!

  2. Yes I think the large one would be good stuffed .Just cutting off the bottom gives you the perfect stable surface to work from.

  3. Hi there Ian, I'm hoping to try my hand at green globe zucchini this year. Would you consider staking this particular variety of zucchini?

  4. Hi Erica,
    I don't think it needs staking but hilling up the soil or mulch around the plant helps it stay in place. I have seen zucchini trained up a stake with one stem but it is a lot of work for such a quick growing productive plant.
    cheers Ian

  5. Hi Ian, I purchased one of these & loved it but I didn't save seeds & now can not find it anywhere, can you help me with seeds? I live in South Australia. Thank you in advance. Lyndall Hopgood

  6. seed available from Green Harvest or Eden seeds in Australia