Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globe Amaranth,Gomphrena globosa

Globe Amaranth
 Gomphrena globosa

This summer flower is easy to grow from seed and is long lasting as the flowers consist of round heads of papery bracts which are quite raspy or prickly to touch but pleasingly retain their colour for picking as a dried flower. It is native to Guatemala and Panama and is therefore quite resistant to prolonged hot weather and even dry spells.The entire plant is neatly rounded to about 60cm and there is also a smaller compact variety called 'Little Buddy' which lives up to its name and is a good edging plant in a flower border or amongst vegetable plants.
In warm climates, flowering continues well into autumn and it is worth scattering a few seed heads around as it sometimes makes a welcome return the following year.

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  1. Yes it makes a bright patch of colour during the dry summer months. The flowers are woven into garlands and offered at the temples here.