Thursday, February 3, 2011

Za'atar, Origanum syriacum

Origanum syriacum, Za'atar

Today I potted on some seedlings of this Middle Eastern variety of oregano. It is an aromatic herb which when dried and mixed with toasted sesame seeds and the lemony tasting dried fruit sumac, it is sold under the name of Za'atar. Sumac is the fruit of the shrub Rhus coriaria, a native of southern Europe which is often grown amongst olive trees. I first encountered Za'atar at a Lebanese pizza and bakery in the Sydney suburb of Banksia where I often stopped early in the morning. It is the favourite topping on pizza or bread for breakfast and I was told it helps keep the mind alert and the body strong.

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  1. THis plant is a well known medicinal herb of India. Two fresh leaves with a teaspoon of honey chewed on an empty stomach will relieve cough. It is also good for the stomach and the liver.