Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cool & green: the heatwave solution

Browsing the weather forecast for the rest of the week, it looks like the mercury is going to go sky high and we are in for a real heatwave. I love to find a cool spot amongst lush shady plantings of palms, ferns and foliage plants such as bromeliads. The so called self cleaning palms always leave an interesting pattern of stripes on their trunks as the old fronds are shed. Planting strap leaf or vertical plants nearby makes for a wonderful contrast of form and pattern.


  1. Hi Ian, it's hot here in melb. too. Green and shade are so what is needed, for us and our plants to be OK. The pattern on that palm is amazing.Love that statue - is it a lion? I'm so pleased you liked my post on gardens in fiction. cheers, catmint

  2. Thanks catmint for your comment. The statue is of a lion in a friend's garden
    cheers Ian