Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goat's-thyme, Satureja thymbra

Satureja thymbra: Goat's thyme / Savory / Thrumba

Still in Greece or Crete to be more precise, this is a terrific barbecue herb as it combines the flavour of thyme, rosemary and oregano, and can be added to marinades or small branches can be placed directly on meat or vegetables such as eggplant while cooking. It is quite a strong aromatic herb and in its native habitat grows on dry rocky hillsides which come alive in spring to the sound of bees which are attracted to the bright pink flowers. I grow mine in a pot where it can be kept on the dry side. I always lose plants I pamper by putting them into compost rich garden soil. Recently I collected the seed which had formed in the old flower heads and hope to grow some more plants of it in this way.
2017 update: I still grow this and occasionally have plants available for sale.


  1. I grew Thyme once.., only up to six inches, and it died. I will try again definitely....

  2. We harvested some this summer from a field on Lemnos where they call it "mentha" ie. mint. Great in kolokithia keftedes and yemista !

  3. Thanks Ann for your comment. Lucky you being able to holiday in Greece.