Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Portulaca grandiflora

Portulaca hail from sunny Brazil and are one of the easiest to grow summer annuals with flowers lasting for several months. The flowers range in colour from orange, pink, white, yellow to purple.The narrow bright green leaves are succulent, round and pointed and clump together like tiny moss plants.I like to grow them in shallow pots, hanging baskets or window boxes as they are hardy enough to keep on blooming even when the container gets a little on the dry side. Portulaca once had the reputation of being sunny day only plants as the flowers stayed closed during dull days. The introduction of the 'cloud beater' series and generally improved cultivars with larger flowers has made this plant a real winner for summer gardens.

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  1. I know someone who planted portulacas years ago...and they keep reseeding and bring a splash of colour to a mulched area...along with some Johnny Jump Ups. Nice. i think I will have a go next year. maybe I will plant them down the middle of my drive.