Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 fantastic Cannas

Canna x 'Constitution'

Canna x 'Intrigue'

These are my top 2 Cannas from this summer. Canna 'Constitution' has been in flower for about six weeks. The pale pink flowers are complimented by smokey bronze foliage. It is an American cultivar bred by geneticist Robert Armstrong.
C. 'Intrigue' is less noted for its flowers, which are small and insignificant, but it has a striking architectural upright habit and strongly pointed long leaves. It is thought to have originated from a Botanic Garden in Eastern Europe where it had a different cultivar name. It was introduced to the wider garden world by Herb Kelly Jnr of Kelly's Plant World of Sanger, California.
2017 update: I no longer have either of these Cannas unfortunately.


  1. The colour of Canna constitution is lovely.

  2. Lovely flowers.
    Wonderful photos.
    Thanks for sharing this.