Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Community Nursery

The Community Nursery at Centennial Parklands, Sydney
Last Thursday a friend took me on a tour of a small community nursery where she spends time as a volunteer propagating plants. The nursery is part of the "Education Precinct" at Centennial Parklands and is open to volunteers, students and community groups who want to learn about plants and become involved in helping green this part of the urban environment .Wheelchair access has been provided for those people with a disability who want to come and work there as well. It is hard to believe this fantastic facility is located just ten minutes from the Sydney CBD.
Here are some photos from my visit.

Recycled concrete pots planted with fruit trees along the front entrance of the nursery

Growing plants from seed in the glasshouse

Bright Coleus in the shade house

Lots of my favourite native grasses

Centennial Parklands Education Precinct - Centennial Parklands

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  1. You are right. What a fantastic facility. What do they do with the plants they propagate?