Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ping Chilli

Chilli variety Ping

I am always buying those delicious small round chilli peppers stuffed with feta cheese, so this summer I decided to grow the variety which are used to make the pickled snacks I love. Unfortunately I will not have enough to even make a jar full but I can always save the seed to grow more next year.This is not a really hot variety and could be said to have only a moderate level of capsaicin, the lipophilic chemical which causes the burning sensation in the mouth. (For the chemical heads out there it is methyl vanillyl nonenamide)


  1. i'm sure homegrown will be a million times nicer than those mass produced stuffed ones. viamin c too -

  2. Hi, beautiful picture.. i like pepper too ))

  3. This year I plan to grow some chillies, but I am kind of scared since I never grew any and don't have any experience. I did grow bell peppers and wasn't really satisfied but I always try. Those chillies look great and I am sure that they taste better than those you bought. :)