Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plant pathology:Collar Rot on eggplant

My favourite Eggplant variety, 'Snowy' is mellow and creamy tasting

Sudden demise of healthy eggplant at fruiting stage
February is the worst month for fungal type soil borne diseases which cause problems as 'Damping off' of seedlings and collar rot in vegetable plants such this eggplant. Most are caused by species of Phytophthora which are active during times of high rainfall, heat and humidity. The word Phytophthora is from the Greek and literally means plant destroyer. When it strikes there is not much to be done other than binning infected plants. Prevention methods include practising crop rotation, avoiding thick mulch around the base of plants and spacing of individual plants well apart from neighbours to allow for good air circulation.

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  1. I have never had that kind of eggplant before. Only the classic purple one, which i grow every year. Sad to see that your plant got infected. :(