Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Asian eggplants

Laos or Thai eggplant variety (Solanum melongena)

The University of Melbourne web page called Know your eggplants (see link below) gives the most comprehensive rundown on the multitude of eggplant varieties grown across the world as well as information on where to source seed. This is the first time I have grown this small round Asian variety and from one bush I picked half a dozen or so to use in a Thai style green curry. The classic pea size eggplant is normally used in curries as they can be left whole and add a bitter contrast to a sweet, salty, chilli hot dish.
It has not really been hot enough for growing a great crop of eggplants this summer. I have another variety called the Brazilian orange square, (Solanum aethiopicum type) which has barely grown more than 15cm and seems unlikely to flower and set fruit at this late stage of summer. There is always next year...
Know your eggplants

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