Sunday, February 19, 2012

Botanic Garden of Padua, Italy

Goethe's Palm House 1585L'Orto Botanico dell'Universita di Padova, Italy
This weekend I have been reading about the great German writer, poet and scientist Johannes Goethe who lived from 1749 -1832. Following his famous and inspiring (to a new generation of German men) Italian Journey (Italienische Reise) of 1786-1788 he wrote his theory of plant evolution called Metamorphosis of Plants which was published in 1790. While in Italy he visited the Botanic Garden of Padua which had been established in 1545. He is remembered there for the Mediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis var arborescens) which had been planted in 1585. I came across a very interesting "virtual tour" of the garden which I have included below. See how many familiar plants are growing in this fascinating garden.

Goethe in the Roman Campagna 1787
by Johann Tischbein 1751-1829

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