Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ruellia brevifolia

Ruellia brevifolia syn R. amoena syn R. graecizans
Red Christmas Pride

This small (60cm) shrub from South America has gone a bit feral across the Pacific Islands and north Queensland since being introduced as a garden ornamental. In these cooler southern parts of the country it is more well behaved and provides a decorative addition to the summer floral display with its crown of tubular red flowers. It needs a frost free position in sun or light shade, in average garden soil, at the front of garden borders or as a container plant amongst other tropical style plants. It stays quite neat and compact and the floral display is continuous over the summer months.
2017 update: It is too weedy to recommend growing and even comes up in the cracks of pavement.

Ruellia brevifolia planted in front of Pleomele reflexa 'Song of India' and bordered by Echeveria

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