Saturday, February 4, 2012

Felicia amelloides, Blue daisy

Blue flowered daisy, Felicia amelloides, growing amongst succulents
This small shrub daisy which originates from South Africa is great to use as a filler amongst other low growing plants particularly those which are not fussy about fertilizer or water requirements. It is continually in flower, though it has a main flush of flowers in spring and early summer. Regular dead-heading of old flowers and occasional trimming keeps it neat , compact and looking good. There is a white flowering form, as well as one with variegated leaves. Both of these are equally as hardy. A patch of simple blue flowers is hard to beat in the garden and this Felicia even makes a good container plant if your garden happens to be a balcony in an apartment building.

Bird with blue daisies
Wall-painting from Pompeii transferred to a panel

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