Monday, April 9, 2012

Crotons, Codiaeum varigatum

Croton 'Excellent' (Codiaeum varigatum)
Croton 'Ebernum'

Collecting plants is a bit addictive. You start off with one or two and before you know it there are three more on your shopping trolley. Fortunately with Crotons they are versatile enough to be used as container plants and will take both indoor conditions as well as grow in pots in a hot sunny courtyard or patio. The only thing they don't like is cold weather and "wet feet". The first few I had dropped all their leaves over winter and looked like sticks in a pot. However they recovered quickly in summer and put on a great flush of new growth and colourful leaves. So I added a few more to the collection this summer including one with broad violin shaped leaves, the aptly named 'Excellent' and the unusual cream and green 'Ebernum'.
If you live north of Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Crotons can be planted in the ground and they are terrific in coastal sandy soils in both a sunny or semi shaded position. They have few pest or disease problems.

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