Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The score at half time: Cabbage whites 10, me zero

How does one cabbage white butterfly manage to find my small tray of Brassica seedlings (cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) amongst all the plants I grow, lay a few million or so eggs which hatch out while my back is turned and then have the cheek to come back again today to check on its offspring in case there is a tiny millimetre of leaf left where it could just lay more eggs.


  1. Thank you for some very interesting posts over the past weeks. You have a knack for intertwining historical and pop culture content into your gardening theme.
    Sorry to see the condition of your brassicas, this reminds me that I have some silk worm eggs set aside for you, I have tried to email you but have had no response. Perhaps you have not received?

  2. Hi Sweetpea,
    Sorry for any lack of response to your emails. You must have sent to my Gmail which I have not looked at for months. Hope the silkworm eggs last till spring when the mulberry trees re-shoot. chat soon regards