Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rosemary 'Gorza'

Rosemary variety 'Gorza'
ANZAC day is the one day of the year when a sprig of the herb rosemary is pinned to a lapel as a way of remembering the sacrifices made by those who have served the country in times of war and conflict. I grow several different varieties and I often think it would be interesting to have a stock bed collection of all the types available. One of the newish ones I am growing at the moment is the so called chef's variety called Gorza. Apparently it produces good straight stems which can be cut to make bar-b-que skewers for threading with meat and vegetables.
 Every now and then a seedling rosemary will come up in a pot or in the garden and I carefully remove it and pot it on just in case it turns out to be a slightly different form. A serious plant breeder would probably tell me that it takes hundreds of such seedlings until something special turns up but it is always interesting none the less. It is pictured below.

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  1. Thanks for your interesting article on rosemary. I am currently nuturing a '4th generation' rosemary cutting. A teeny little thing about the size of the one in your photo...but full of memories. The original plant was a huge thing grown in lithgow by my greatgrandmother. Cuttings have been handed down through the generations. It is growing in full sun facing north and seems to enjoy it :)